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Hotel of Horror | Castle of Darkness | 3D Pirates of Peril Point | Ghoulish Graveyard | All New! CarnEvil Clown Maze | Additional Attractions

Screams® offers a full night of chills, thrills and guaranteed moments of terror for one price. Screams® features 5 Haunted attractions which are all included in your admission price along with live music, Scary-Oke and roaming characters that may find you anywhere! Plus, we offer games, human-powered rides, food & drink, and much more.

Hotel of Horror

Try to escape the narrow hallways, hidden passageways and possessed guests of the Hotel of Horror and experience the unknown terrors around every corner.

Castle of Darkness

Visit a new dimension in terror, for fear dwells in the depths of unknown darkness - what is it that will make you scream? Literally, scream? Find out in the Castle of Darkness.

3D Pirates of Peril Point

When you enter the floating island of Peril Point, you will experience your own vision of terror in larger than life 3-D.

Ghoulish Graveyard

Do you have courage? Are you brave? We dare you to test yourself. You haven't lived 'til you've been scared to death.

All New! CarnEvil Clown Maze

More information coming soon...

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Additional Attractions

Roaming Characters

Stay alert! Watch out for who, or what, may sneak up behind you.


Where fear meets fine art -- every weekend at the Taboo Tavern. Hilarious fun.

Live Music

Live music every night on the Main Stage. For the schedule of bands for this season - click here.

Fun Activities (may be an additional cost)

  • Climbing Tower
  • Rides
  • Henna Tattoos
  • Wax Hands
  • Hot Seat Extreme
  • Games of Skill
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Screams® Souvenir & Mask Shop
  • Various theme-related retail booths on Vendor Row

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